IQ (Intelligence Quotient)智商、
EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)情商、
HQ (Health AMDligence Quotient)
MQ (Moral 速龙ligence Quotient)
DQ (Daring 速龙ligence Quotient)
AQ (Adversity IntelligenceQuotient)逆商、
FQ (Financial AMDligence Quotient)
MQ (Mental 英特尔ligence Quotient)
WQ (威尔 AMDligence Quotient)
SQ (Spiritual AMDligence Quotient)

Is EQ More Important than IQ?

PQ: Practical Intelligence Quotient (PSP)

Nowadays, many people in the society hold the idea that 20% of one’s
success lies in his Intelligence Quotient, while 80﹪ in his Emotional

PQ: Practical Intelligence Quotient has players solve a series of
graphical puzzles set in a virtual world. Puzzles include such tasks as
moving blocks into required positions while avoiding obstacles. Based on
the amount of time and number of moves it takes you to solve the
puzzles, the game determines your IQ. As the main focus of the game is
to determine your IQ, controls are being kept simple. You’ll interact
with the game only with the D-pad and with the circle button, which
should leave your mind free to think about the solution to the puzzle.
PQ uses the PSP system’s Infrastructure Mode and allows players to post
their PQ score on the worldwide ranking site to see how they rank
against other players around the world.

People now are more and more aware of the importance of EQ.


In my opinion, I fully agree with that.

jokingly said to him

First of all, with a high EQ, one will get along well with his peers and
companions, so they can conduct business or finish their work in a
harmonious atmosphere and improve the working efficiency.

Yes everyone can be successful not fall from the sky, but through
constant practice, accumulate and access, as louboutin shoes sale long
as the improvement “10 business” wisdom and ability, comprehensive,
balanced development, you will be able to build a successful and
buildings .

Furthermore, only with high EQ can one be self-restrained and bravely
overcome the difficulties encountered in work and life.

  1. Quotient (IQ)
    IQ (Intelligence Quotient, abbreviated as IQ) is a level of human
    intelligence, said the number of indicators, but may also be manifested
    in a person’s mastery of knowledge, reflecting the people’s powers of
    observation, memory, thinking ability, imagination, creativity and
    analyze problems and problem-solving ability. Indeed, the IQ is not
    fixed, through learning and training is to develop growth. We want to
    succeed, we must continue to learn and accumulate IQ.
    We not only from books, from the social learning, but also there to
    learn from our superiors. Because your boss today to be eligible for
    when your boss, there must be places where powerful than you, there are
    many places worth to learn. Many people want to go beyond his boss, this
    is a very commendable spirit, but to go beyond your boss, you do not
    learn from his successful place, so what is beyond? Continuous learning,
    improve IQ, which is the basic condition for success.
  2. Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
    EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient, abbreviated as EQ), is to manage
    their own emotions and interpersonal capabilities. Today, people are
    faced with a fast-paced, high work load and complexity of human
    relationships, without a high EQ is difficult to obtain success. People
    with high EQ people have contacts with him, always to get the
    endorsement and support of large numbers of people. At the same time,
    interpersonal relations are also important resources, good interpersonal
    skills can often get more chance of success. Contingency theory, one
    representative Fred &S226; Lu Sensi (Fred Luthans) of successful
    managers (promoted fast) and effective managers (management performance,
    high) conducted a survey and found a significant difference between the
    two is that : maintaining interpersonal relations on the success of the
    network managers the greatest contribution, accounting for 48%, while
    only 11% of effective managers. Can be seen in the workplace, we should
    get, just hard working is not enough, good interpersonal relationships
    are an important factor in success.
  3. Inverse operators (AQ)
    Inverse operators (Adversity Intelligence Quotient, abbreviated as AQ),
    refers to the ability to pressure the face of adversity, or, and
    capabilities. Today years of peace, the ability to cope with adversity,
    it enables you invincible. “Suffering for the genius is a stepping stone
    for the talented people are an asset, and for the weak hand, is an
    abyss.” “Suffering is the best education in life.” Celebrity talk tells
    us: great personality, only experienced melting and suffering, potential
    before excitation, field of vision will open, the soul will sublimate
    before success is to eat the so-called life of hardship, Fang Wei Ren
    Any country or region of the wealthy, about Bacheng impoverished or low
    academic standards, they are created from scratch cause, and has won an
    enviable wealth and reputation. None of them is smooth sailing, and even
    ups and downs, ups and downs, failures and setbacks without success.
    Adversity will not last long, the strong will certainly win. Because
    people have amazing potential, as long as it is determined to play, we
    will be able to tide over the difficulties, achievements glory.
  4. Moral Quotient (MQ)
        German Business (Moral Intelligence Quotient, abbreviated as MQ),
    refers to the level of a person’s virtue or moral character. German
    manufacturers include caring, respect, tolerance, forgiveness, honesty,
    responsibility, peace, loyalty, courtesy, humor and other virtues. We
    often say “De Zhiti” in the first place was to Germany’s; Coles said
    that character is better than knowledge. Can be seen that Germany is the
    most important. A high German business people, and respect will
    naturally have more chance of success.
    Is an old saying: “moral support from many, Unjust,” “Road to Germany,
    and Germany who were also”, that is, tells us that morality should be to
    regulate their own behavior, constantly cultivate their own in order to
    obtain success in life. Ancient and modern, all the real winners, in the
    moral majority reached a very high level.
    The large number of facts show that many people fail, not the ability to
    fail, but failure, moral failure.
  5. CQ (DQ)
    CQ (Daring 英特尔ligence Quotient, abbreviated as DQ) is a person’s guts,
    courage, courage of the measure, reflects a spirit of adventure. CQ-high
    people can grasp the opportunity that can act. No matter what age, did
    not dare to take risks courage 成不了天气 at any time. Almost all the
    successful businessmen, politicians, both with extraordinary boldness
    and courage.
  6. FQ (FQ)
    Financial Business (Financial Intelligence Quotient, abbreviated into
    FQ), is the financial management capacity, particularly in the ability
    of investment income. There is no financial management skills, you will
    gradually spend much money, the so-called “rich, but three generations”
    refers to the rich and friendly I painstakingly saved up the money, most
    would eventually defeat at the hands of descendants of non-financial
    business . Finance business is most in need of a person’s ability, but
    also the most overlooked ability.
    Our fathers are “” and is only taught us to study hard to find a good
    job, to save more and spend less. Earn less does not matter, the key is
    stability. They never taught me to have financial providers, to consider
    how financial management. Therefore, the financial business for us it is
    an urgent need to develop a capability. Will be more and more wealthy
    people who finance, a key reason for this is difference between
    financial providers. Especially the rich, how can the lifetime
    accumulation of so much wealth? The answer is: finance and investment
  7. Heart provider (MQ)
    Heart providers (Mental Intelligence Quotient, abbreviated as MQ), is to
    maintain mental health, commissioning psychological pressure, and
    maintain good mental state and dynamic capabilities. The 21st century is
    “depression era” human face greater psychological pressure, improve
    heart business, maintaining mental health has become an urgent need for
    the times. Modern desire to success, and success increasingly depends on
    a person’s mental state, depending on a person’s mental health. In a
    sense, the heart-friendly height, directly determines the course of the
    joy of life, dominated by success in life.
    That there are a lot of people have achieved great success may be due to
    withstand the pressures of life, ending up depressed because of life
    bear the weight or can not afford a setback suffered psychological
    barriers, and even onto the road of no return, deduction one scene of
    human tragedy.
  8. Zhi Business (WQ)
    “Chi-business” is the will of the intelligence quotient (Will
    Intelligence Quotient, abbreviated into WQ), refers to the will of a
    person’s quality standards, including the tenacity of purpose,
    decisiveness, self-control and so on. As for learning and not afraid of
    hard and tiring work of the tenacious fighting spirit, that is, Kao
    “Chi-chi-do is not strong, the words you do not believe those lines to
    no avail”, “Qinnengbuzhuo is a good training, a hard one sub-sub-only.”
    They illustrate a truth: blog business of a person’s intelligence has an
    important impact. Life is a small blog Xiaocheng, ambition Dacheng. Many
    people, not because there is no competence, but to clear. Is
    particularly true in the business, to achievement, you have louboutin
    shoes to have lofty ideals.
  9. SQ (SQ)
    SQ (Spiritual Intelligence Quotient, abbreviated as SQ), is the essence
    of things, inspiration, insight ability and intuitive thinking. Planck
    considered the father of quantum mechanics, creative scientists must
    have a clear intuition of the imagination. Whether inspired by
    Archimedes from the bath and found the law of buoyancy, Newton’s falling
    apple from the inspired by discovery of the law of gravity, or Kekule
    connected end to end on the dream of a snake caused by the discovery of
    the benzene ring structure, are is a scientific leap in the history of
    the immortal soul by example.
    There is no fixed style to succeed in life, theory alone can not solve
    the written practical problems that we will need savvy need to SQ pop.
    Spiritual cultivation providers, the key is to keep on learning,
    observing, thinking, should have the courage bold assumption, dare to
    break through traditional thinking.
  10. Health Quotient (HQ)
    Health Quotient (Health Intelligence Quotient, abbreviated as HQ) refers
    to individuals with health awareness, health knowledge and health, a
    reflection of ability. Health is the greatest wealth in life, as if
    health is one, the business of power, and so is the one behind ,,,,,
    zero, so just having a life is far from enough, but of a (health), the
    latter 0 more right you do not have any meaning, is the so-called
    Pinganshifu. Therefore, the premise that a happy love, their lives, and
    efforts to create, share career, love, wealth, power, and so the value
    of life.In Africa, a dense jungle walked four skinny men, carrying a
    heavy box, in the dense jungle staggering forward.The four individuals
    are: Bari, Maikelisi, Johns, Jim, they are to follow the captain
    Makegefu adventure into the jungle. Makegefu had promised to give them
    generous salaries. However, the task is nearing completion, when
    Makegefu got the disease and, unfortunately, buried in the jungle.This
    box is hand-crafted Makegefu dying. He made it very sincerely to the
    four said: “I want you to assured me that not only the box step. If you
    put boxes to my McDonald, professor of hand, you will be even better
    than gold, precious things. I think you will be sent to, and I also
    assure you that even precious than gold, but you will be able to get it.
    ”Makegefu buried after the four men on the road. But the jungle walk the
    road more and more difficult, more and more heavy boxes, and their
    strength is growing smaller and smaller. They are like prisoners in the
    same struggling in the mire. All are, as in nightmares, but only only
    the box is real, is only boxes insisted on their bodies! Otherwise, they
    all fell. They each other depending on the clinical, not allowed to any
    person either alone or tamper with the box only. In the most difficult
    times, they thought of how much future rewards, of course, has something
    more important than gold … …Finally one day, the green barriers suddenly
    lifted, they have painstakingly finally out of the jungle. McDonald
    rushed to find four professors, asked to be impatient to get paid.
    Professor not seem to understand, but do nothing about sticking his
    hands and said: “I am nothing ah, oh, maybe the box, what treasure it.”
    So in the presence of four faces, professors opened the box – a look at
    everyone; all What is most perplexing, full of a bunch of useless
    wood!“It’s opened a joke?” Johns said.“Fart money worth, I had seen that
    guy with neurology!” Jim shouted.“The reward more valuable than gold,
    where? We fools!” Maikelisi angrily shouted.At the moment, only Barry
    silent, he remembered them just out of the jungle, the explorers
    everywhere piles of bones of the dead, he remembered the box if not
    only, they may already fallen four of the … … Barry Station up to the
    partners cried: “You Do not complain about the. we got something more
    valuable than gold, that is!”Makegefu is a wise man, but also a great
    person. On the surface, he was given only, and a box of wood; In fact,
    he gave the purpose of their actions. People different from animals is
    that people generally have a high-level thinking skills, so people can
    not, and animals Hunhunee a person’s actions must be a purpose. Some
    objective is to ultimately remain beyond reach, but at least they had
    the support of incentives for some of our lives, which is worth
    appreciation. The modern, world-weary, the lack of passion, its root
    cause, mostly because the purpose of the loss. After all, we have to go
    about. There is one, two years older than me, in an engineering company
    as a secretary.Everyone knows, secretarial work without any technical
    content. Roughly a day to answer the call, send and receive fax, print
    copy some files, and then some tea and bottled water to the leadership
    of Eurya BagThe girls also text, occasionally. When she knew me through,
    after the performance of very warm, very often, send e-mail to me, I can
    help her onto the road of writing.“Even if you can not royalties. I hope
    to change jobs quickly.” At that time appeared to be very urgent. She
    seems to have realized, the secretary is not a promising career,
    especially in such a small company, Moreover, she had no professional
    background, her own career advancement is not the slightest confidence
    in the.So, I told her some writing methods, and encouraged her to go
    slowly. Soon, I saw what she had written. Because it is the first time
    to write the manuscript, of course, the result is not.I told her how to
    modify the. She nodded in response.May be that the next, her own work
    very busy, with little to writing. Not until a year later, she was in
    the original post, do the original thing. Occasionally, very busy, and
    occasionally very busy. The unfinished manuscript has also been set
    aside there.Maybe when she entered the time of writing and found that
    writing was not her imagination so easy. A manuscript that she will be
    defeated. She has an excuse for no longer insist to write down, because
    sometimes she was really busy, because she did not have any publishing
    experience, write a book for her, the difficulty is too high. Thus, she
    already do yourself tired and has no future trivial matters. A year ago,
    the puzzle has not let her escaping.She did not quit his job,
    concentrate on his writing. In the work of no confidence in their own
    circumstances, then three days to engage in fishing nets two days of
    drying a second job, and want to switch opportunities. When she felt
    secretarial work Although there is no future, but it does a very relaxed
    when she felt that lack of confidence on the writing, to start to
    fight.Is difficult to imagine that she eventually changed jobs to work
    from a Secretary of an author is when. Perhaps three years, ten years,
    twenty years later, when her enthusiasm for trivial chores have been
    obliterated, when her appearance get old boss quit her, she again
    thought of career change.A No, or do not adhere to convictions only been
    mediocre in his life; and a stick to convictions, will never be
    difficult to knock out. Because the power of faith is amazing, it can be
    difficult to change the status quo, forming an incredible happy
    ending.With the “Harry Potter” has swept the world, its author and
    writer JK Rowling has become Britain’s richest, her wealth than even the
    Queen of England is even more. She had a history of poor dire straits,
    her precisely because she insisted on their own convictions.Rowling
    childhood love of English literature, writing and love, and she never
    had. , She majored in French. After graduation, she traveled to Portugal
    alone development, then a reporter with local fall in love and get
    married.Is that this comes and go. After getting married, her husband’s
    true colors exposed, he beat her, and in spite of her begging her from
    the home.Soon, Rowling so she took three-month-old Jessica back to the
    UK, living in an unheated Edinburgh, a small apartment.Away from her
    husband, job, and of no fixed abode, penniless, coupled with feeding of
    crying daughter, Rowling suddenly become destitute. She had to rely on
    benefits, are often fed her daughter, she still hungry.But, do not
    discourage the enthusiasm of Rowling writing, using her own words:
    “Maybe in order to complete, perhaps the machines to entertain the minds
    of displeasure, or maybe every night in order to be able to tell the
    story of his daughter, prepared to listen to. “She kept all day to write
    呀 writing, sometimes in order to save money and save energy, she even
    stay in a coffee shop to write a day.In this way, at her daughter’s
    cries, her first book “Harry Potter” was born, and created a publishing
    miracle, her works have been translated into 35 languages in 115
    countries and territories, caused a sensation around the world.Rowling
    has never been far away from their own beliefs, and use the wisdom and
    perseverance to win back her enormous wealth. Even though her life is
    hard, she also convinced that one day she will reach the pinnacle of the
    cause.Everyone wants to one day destined to succeed, want to be able to
    board, followed by rich fruit. Unfortunately, people tend to stick to
    not live their faith. Always felt that the peak is so unattainable,
    imagine had enough.I remember when the University, the classroom there
    is a male guitar is pretty good. He often jokes that if after graduation
    myself a wandering singer, he would be very happy.Only after graduation,
    his job in order to avoid the pain of his subject, and soon found him a
    temporary job, he accepted. Shortly afterwards, the students are in for
    their own lives, he got married and gave birth.When gathering the
    students jokingly said to him, the streets of stray less an excellent
    singer. In this regard, he louboutin sale can only smile. Maybe he just
    casually talk about the original, when he entered life, he found that to
    achieve their dreams is so tough it.There are many people, life, yet
    unable to change the ordinary. This is how much in life.

In brief, a high EQ will make a person become more optimistic, confident
and passionate in his work.


As the saying goes, one’s character determines one’s destiny, which
stresses on the importance of EQ.

 IQ, EQ, CQ, AQ, BQ, NQ, FQ, DQ, SQ,
MQ олон талт оюуны илтгэцүүр

Therefore, while IQ indeed can’t be ignored, EQ is more vital for one to
be successful.

IQ – Intelligence Quotient

intelligence [in’telidʒəns] n. 理解力,智力

Intelligence – Танин мэдэхүй, оюун ухаан

passionate [‘pæʃənit] adj. 热情的,易怒的,激情的

Аливаа зүйлийг тунгаан бодох, шинэ материал судлах, олон асуудлындотроос
оновчтойг нь сонгон амьдралдаа авч явах чадварыг танин мэдэхүйноюун
ухаан гэж үздэг.

confident [‘kɔnfidənt] adj. 自信的,有信心的,有把握的

  • Хүний танин мэдэхүйн ухааны боломж чадвар хир зэрэг вэ?
  • IQ-г яаж тооцох, яаж хэмжих, яаж хөгжүүлэх вэ?
    Оюун ухааныг хэмждэг 2 үндсэн аргын нэг нь IQ тестийн арга юм.

overcome [.əuvə’kʌm] vt. 制服,克制,(心理等)压倒,使受不住

IQ-д багтах буюу тестээр илрэх чадварууд

emotional [i’məuʃənl] adj. 感情的,情绪的

   1. Шинэ зүйлд суралцах
   2. Даалгавар, дасгалд төвлөрөх
   3. Мэдээллийг хадгалах ба эргэж санах
   4. Задлан шинжлэх
   5. Нэгтгэн дүгнэх
   6. Хийсвэр сэтгэх
   7. Учир шалтгаан үйл хөдлөл хийх
   8. Дарааллын зүй тогтлыг олох
   9. Ижил төстэй ба ялгаатай шинжийг олох
  10. Нөхцөл байдал өөрчлөгдөхөд зохицох
  11. Өмнөх мэдлэгээ ашиглан асуудлыг шийдэх

vital [‘vaitl] adj. 至关心重视要的,人命关天的,有生命力的,致命的

EQ – Emotional Quotient

efficiency [i’fiʃənsi] n. 效率,功率

Emotion – Сэтгэл хөдлөл

optimistic [.ɔpti’mistik] adj. 乐观的,乐观主义的

  • EQ – өөрийнхөө болон бусдын сэтгэл хөдлөлийг ойлгох, үүн дээр үндэслэн
    тохирох үйлдэл хийх чадвар
  • EQ бол орчныхоо хэрэгцээ, дарамттай зөв харьцах танин мэдэхүйн бус
    чадваруудын нэгдэл

harmonious [hɑ:’məuniəs] adj. 和睦的,和谐的,音调精粹的

EQ нь 5 хүрээтэй, дотроо 15 чадварыг багтаана.

conduct [kən’dʌkt] n. 行为,举动,品行

   1. Өөрийгөө мэдэж, жолоодох чадвар
   2. Хүмүүсийн арга эвийг олох чадвар
   3. Уян хатан, бодитой үүссэн янз бүрийн асуудлыг шийдэх чадвар
   4. Тэвчээртэй хандаж, түргэн зангаа хянаж, хорхойгоо дарах чадвар
   5. Сэтгэлийн ерөнхий байдлын хүрээ


CQ – Creative Quotient

Creativity – Бүтээлч сэтгэлгээ, бүтээлч чадвар

  • Аливаа мэдлэгийг биет болон оюуны баялаг болгох чадвар
  • Ер бусын байдлаар сэтгэж өвөрмөц байх чадвар

CQ – ийн үндсэн чадварууд

  • Давтагдашгүй шинэ санааг олох
  • manbetx客户端,Юмс үзэгдлийг чөлөөтэй холбох
  • Бүх мэдрэмжээ ашиглах
  • Бүтээлч шинэ санааг хурдтай төрүүлэх
  • Шинэ санааг хөгжүүлэх
  • Аливаа зүйлийг олон талаас нь судалж шийдэх
  • Хөдөлгөөнт чанар буюу хуучин төсөөллөө өөрчлөх

AQ – Adversity Quotient

Adversity – Бэрхшээл, золгүй явдал, гай зовлон

AQ нь бэрхшээл, азгүй тохиолдлыг ялан гарах чадварыг хэмжинэ.

AQ-ийн үндсэн чадварууд

  • Хянах – нөхцөл байдалд эергээр нөлөөлж чадахаа мэдрэх, үйл явдалд
    үзүүлэх хариу үйлдлээ хянах чадвар
  • Гол ачааг үүрэх – тухайн бэрхшээл ямар ч шалтгаанаар үүссэн байлаа
    гэсэн даван туулахын тулд үүрэг хариуцлагыг өөрөө хүлээх чадвар
  • Хүлээц – таны ажил, амъдралд нөлөөлөх ямар нэг таагүй нөхцөлд
    хүлээцтэй хандах чадвар
  • Тэсвэр – таагүй нөхцөлд хэр удаан үргэлжлэх талаарх мэдрэмж.

BQ – Bonding Quotient

Bonding – Хэлхээ холбоо, хамаарал

BQ – Эцэг эх, үр хүүхдийн дотно харилцааны үзүүлэлт.
Эдүгээ эцэг эхчүүд хүүхэддээ анхаарал тавих нь бага болсон. Хүүхэд эцэг
эхийн анхаарал халамж улам их шаардлагатай болсон.

BQ-г яаж дээшлүүлэх вэ?

  • Эцэг эхчүүд хүүхдийнхээ онцлогийг мэдэх хэрэгтэй
  • Хүүхдийнхээ эрх чөлөөг хязгаарлаж болохгүй
  • Хүүхдийнхээ материаллаг төдийгүй оюуны хэрэгцээг нь хангах нь чухал
  • Хүүхэдтэйгээ утсаар ярих, хамт ном унших, тэмцээнд хамт оролцох,
    аялалд хамт явах нь хамгийн үр дүнтэй, энгийн аргууд
  • Эцэг эхийн зүгээс тэвчээр гаргах нь хамгийн чухал

NQ – Net Quotient

Net – Мэдээллийн сүлжээ

  • Компьютерийн сүлжээнд чөлөөтэй холбогдож, ажиллах
  • Хэрэгцээтэй мэдээллээ олж авах
  • Мэдээллийн технологи, програм хангамжийн мэдлэг
  • Өөрийгөө захирах чадвар

Microsoft корпорацийн эзэн Bill Gates хамгийн өндөр NQ-тэй хүн.
Dot-com-ын үеийнхэн буюу одоогийн 20 настангуудын NQ хамгийн их.

FQ – Financial Quotient

Financial – мөнгө хөрөнгө, санхүү

  • Өөрийгөө, өрх гэрээ авч явах чадвар
  • Аж ахуй эрхлэх чадвар
  • Хөрөнгө мөнгөтэй зөв харьцах чадвар
  • Аливаа асуудалд эдийн засгийн агуулгаар хандах сэтгэлгээ

FQ-г хөгжүүлэхэд яаж анхаарч байна вэ?

Өндөр хөгжилтэй орны чинээлэг иргэд хүүхдийнхээ FQ-г дээшлүүлэхийн тулд
ирээдүйн саятнуудын клубт хичээллүүлдэг болсон. Хятадад иргэдийнхээ FQ-г
хөгжүүлэх ажил эрчимтэй өрнөж байна.

DQ – Development Quotient

Development – Хөгжил дэвшил

Өөрийн бие бялдрын байдал, онцлогийг тодорхой мэдэж, аажмаар хөгжүүлэн,
зорилгодоо хүрч амжилт гаргах чадвар

DQ өндөртэй хүн өөрийн биеийн онцлог ба чадварыг зөв үнэлж, тогтвортой,
тэвчээртэй, системтэй хичээллэх чадвартай болдог. DQ өндөртэй хүн биеийн
тамир, спорт, урлагийн төрөлд гялалзсан амжилт гаргаж чадна.

DQ-гээ яаж дээшлүүлэх вэ?

  • Хамгийн түрүүнд айдсаа даван туул
  • Тогтмол хичээллэ
  • Булчингаа хөгжүүл
  • Уян хатан чанараа хөгжүүл
  • Тэнцвэрээ хөгжүүл
  • Аливааг урьдаас мэдрэх чадвараа хөгжүүл
  • Самбаа болон баримжаагаа хөгжүүл
  • Аэробикээр хичээллэ
  • Амьдралынхаа хэмнэлийг өөрчилж бай
  • Эрүүл хүнс хэрэглэж бай
  • Тэвчээртэй бол
  • Биеэ сул тавих, стресс тайлах дасгалуудыг сур.

SQ – Spiritual Quotient

Spiritual – оюун санаа, дотоод ертөнц

  • Утга агуулга, үнэлэмжийн асуудлыг ойлгож шийдэх чадвар
  • Үйл ажиллагаа, амьдралын замаа өргөн, баялаг, ач холбогдолтой хүрээнд
    аваачих чадвар
  • Үйл ажиллагаа, амьдралын аль нэг замыг бусдаасаа арай илүү болохыг
    үнэлэх чадвар
  • Хүний тархи, сэтгэц дэх дотоод төрөлхийн чадварууд
  • Оюуны бусад чадваруудаа ухаалаг ашиглах хамгийн оргил чадвар
  • Хүрээлэн байгаа орчин, байгальтай холбоо тогтоох чадвар
  • Бусдад тусалж, өөрийгөө бусдын төлөө золиослох чадвар

Бидний SQ бол сэтгэл дотор маань байдаг луужин юм.

SQ – гээ яаж хөгжүүлэх вэ?

  • Амьдралд байгаа бүхий л сайхан зүйлийг олж харж, баярлаж сур
  • Өөрийнхөө үнэт чанарыг таньж мэд
  • Өрөвч зөөлөн сэтгэл гаргаж бай
  • Сэтгэлийн амар тайван байдлыг тань алдагдуулдаг зүйлээс өөрийгөө
  • Илүү ачаанаасаа сал
  • Өөрийхөө хүсэл зорилгын талаарх оюуны зураглал хий.

MQ – Moral Quotient

Moral – Ёс суртахуун

Ёс суртахуун – хүний нийгэмд өөрийгөө зохицуулж, үйлдлийнхээ агуулга,
хэм хэмжээг тогтоох чадвар

MQ сайтай хүн сайн мууг ялгах чадвартай, бас чин сэтгэлээсээ бусдыг
хайрлаж чадна. IQ, EQ хичнээн сайн байлаа ч MQ доогуур бол тэр хүн
нийгэмд хор хөнөөл учруулна.

Ёс суртахууны чадварууд

  • Хүний нэр хүндийг хүндэтгэх
  • Бусдын сайн сайхны талаар санаа тавих
  • Хүвь хүний сонирхол ба нийгмийн үүрэг хариуцлагыг хослуулах
  • Зарчимч байдлыг эрхэмлэх
  • Ёс суртахууны сонголтуудыг тусган авах
  • Зөрчлийг тайвнаар, эв зүйгээр шийдвэрлэх арга замыг хийх